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Counseling in Corpus Christi Texas
Therapy for anxiety and depression
Forensic Mental Health

Individual Therapy

It is tough to live life while constantly feeling overwhelmed. You can often feel like you are missing out on life by worrying about everything. Counseling can help you make sense out of your life and find peace. You can book a counseling appointment with Dr. Rodriguez at Youvolve Healing Center. 

Expert Witness Testimony
Expert Witness in court cases

Forensic Counseling

As a Certified Forensic Mental Health Evaluator, Dr. Rodriguez can help in a variety of different cases. She has attained expert status in forensic mental health which allows her to conduct assessments, write detailed reports, and provide testimony for immigration, personal injury, criminal, and other types of legal cases. 

Kate Rodriguez, PhD, LPC-S

Dr. Rodriguez helps adults of all genders and backgrounds navigate through life while living through tough situations. If you are feeling scared, frustrated, or lost, she will help you find peace. She likes to work together to help people gain some control over your depression and anxiety symptoms. 

Once you walk into the office, the last thing you need to worry about is judgement about your feelings, thoughts, or situation. You can have a seat and let go of the feelings you have held on to for so long, and let her help you make sense of the world. 

Dr. Rodriguez has been helping people with their mental health for over 10 years and she has been working as a mental health expert in the courts since 2015. Stop trying to go through this alone, let her help you. 

Dr. Kate Rodriguez
Counseling in Corpus Christi
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