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Focus on what you can control

Most people are feeling some degree of anxiety related to the coronavirus right now. Whether it is due to financial insecurity, isolation, or the spread of the virus, we all have our worries. You are not alone. Like this picture, I think the whole world could benefit from a giant hug. This has been a painful experience.

In the beginning, some people accepted the time off from work.

Now, they are ready to get out of the house.

Students were excited to work online instead of going to school.

Now, they are feeling lonely and missing the social connection.

People were excited about the stimulus checks.

Now, they have run out.

Parents were excited to spend more time with their children.

Now, they are needing some time to themselves.

Spouses were excited to reconnect and spend time together.

Now, they are fighting more frequently.

It is okay to feel like this right now. It's overwhelming and confusing. We are dealing with anger, uncertainty, shame, guilt, and every other difficult feeling under the rainbow.

In the United States, 1 in 4 people struggle with mental health disorders and that number is surely rising at an alarming rate. Those of you who may not have had a history of mental health issues, might be experiencing them for your first time. That can be scary! I have had new clients who are having trouble explaining these new feelings and sensations that are causing them trouble in their lives. It is hard to accept that they are dealing with anxiety and/or depression. This is a tough time and it is brining up new problems we have never dealt with before.

Many people do not realize that there are many different resources for families to utilize at the moment. One great website I found is Also, reach out to local therapists. Most of us are offering telehealth and will continue to make changes to best serve the community.

Concentrate on things you can control: Call an expert, document your experiences, exercise, sleep, and don't be too hard on yourself. It's time to concentrate on your mental health and wellbeing. Self-care is a must right now!

Identify what is getting in the way of you practicing self-care and work on fixing that. Then, start by scheduling pleasurable activities you can do at home. Examples: puzzles, baking, video chat, mediation, online classes, photography, home spa day, or writing. ANYTHING that helps you temporarily put your mind at ease in a healthy manner.

We are going through this together and we can help each other!

Ask for help. I am here for you.

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