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This can STILL be your year!

Who would have thought you can complete big things on your goal list during a global crisis? I sure didn't. With 2 toddlers running around and seeing clients on telehealth, I didn't think anything was going to get done. Honestly, I keep telling people that all we need to do is survive. If all you do is get through this, great! Others might have a long list of things to do such as spring cleaning, webinars, starting a business, homeschooling, and so many other things! You do what is right for you. If you use this time to catch up on sleep, good for you. If you use this time to potty train your children, thats wonderful. If you launch an online business worthy of Shark Tank attention, thats amazing. For me, I just wanted to move towards my dream, in any way possible.

When I first changed my major from Political Science to Psychology when I was an undergraduate, many people thought I was crazy. My vision for my future was complicated with many different parts. First and foremost, I wanted to help people from all different walks of life with their mental health and healing. Second, I wanted to be an expert witness AND help attorneys improve their own mental health. I have been lucky enough to help many different clients in and outside of the courtroom but I knew I could be better.

After completing an extensive application, showing over 40 hours of forensic work, getting 3 recommendations, a training in Florida, a written exam, submitting a sample report, and passing my oral exam yesterday, I am proud to say I am now a Certified Forensic Mental Health Evaluator.

I had the application on my desk for almost 2 years before finally taking action. I truly love conducting evaluations for personal injury, immigration, criminal, and other types of cases. This certification process has helped me learn how to improve my written reports, testimony, and other communication.

I am so excited to put this knowledge to work!

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