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What to do with another surge of anxiety

I have had many calls from people who are seeking mental health services for their first time. We are experiencing a worldwide mental health crisis and it is going to get bad for many people. There are many factors that are contributing to this problem.

First of all, social isolation can be lonely. Many people didn't mind staying at home in the beginning because it gave them a break from their busy lives. Some people said they were happy to recharge and relax. But then it started to hit, loneliness. We, as humans, are social beings and many people began to get depressed when they are isolated.

Then, there is the financial uncertainty and job loss. Losing a job is one of the leading reasons for suicidal ideation and we are witnessing this at an alarming rate. Losing a job is not just about losing a check. Many people have become accustomed to a routine, social interaction, and purpose that their work brings them. It is no wonder why losing a job can cause depression in many people (even if they are able to collect unemployment).

What could be more stressful than the unknown? My last post was about this because we are all worried about things we cannot control. We do not know how long this will all last and if we are going to get sick or not. That is stressful! Try your hardest at staying safe. Wash your hands and all follow CDC guidelines.

Many people do not seek help from a mental health professional until it is too late. Do not be that person. It is great to talk to family and friends about what is going on but sometimes you need a professional. Counselors are here to help you and they legally can't tell anybody what you say. What can be better than talking to a highly skilled secret keeper? You also don't have to worry about burdening them or being judged. We are here to help you!

There are many signs of stress that you might be overlooking. Some of these include headaches, gastrointestinal issues, lack of concentration, and mood swings. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms and don't know why, call a counselor and talk about whats on your mind. Many times all you need it to get something off your chest to heal.

What can you do on your own? You can take this time to heal. Find some pleasant distractions such as reading or picking up a new hobby. I have talked to many people who decided to dive into their art, started learning a new language, or writing. You don't have to do these things to make money or get famous, do these things for yourself. Try expressing yourself and keep your mind off of the tough stuff.

Whatever you decide to do, don't forget to love yourself. Take this time to concentrate on you and your family.

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